Solarize Piedmont Installers

After a comprehensive and competitive bidding process, LEAP selected four qualified local solar installers for the 2024 Solarize Piedmont campaign, which will run from April 1, 2024, through June 30, 2024. Once you sign up and have the initial satellite assessment completed by LEAP, one of the two installers will be assigned to make a site visit to gather all the information necessary and provide you with a proposal. If you go to contract, the installer will obtain all necessary permits, order materials and equipment, and schedule your installation.

In 2024, Convert Solar, Solar Energy World, Nova Solar, and Solar Connexion are LEAP’s preferred campaign installers.

NOVA:Solar Energy World and Convert Solar
Central:Nova Solar and Convert Solar
Valley:Convert Solar
Fredericksburg:Solar Energy World and Convert Solar
Roanoke:Convert and Solar Connexion
Hampton Roads:Convert Solar

How we select our installers

LEAP issues a request for proposals to Virginia-based solar contractors for each of our solarize campaigns. They evaluate proposals based on price, equipment quality, and company business practices. They also give consideration for geographic proximity as we seek to support local business and minimize miles driven.

Are you a solar installer?

If you would like to receive future Solarize Request For Proposals (RFPs), please email LEAP at