Program Your Comfort

Heating & Cooling Your Home Efficiently

Heating and cooling costs the average Virginia household about $900 per year –the largest single component of your utility bill. Instead of leaving your heat or air conditioning on full blast when you’re not home, install a programmable thermostat for your system. 

Some experts estimate you could reduce your heating and air conditioning bill by 20%, but even with much more modest levels, the savings you achieve pays back the costs of buying and installing a programmable thermostat in less than a year.

Programmable thermostats now have features such as voice and phone programming, vacation options, and indicators alerting you that it’s time to change air filters or if part of your system is malfunctioning. You can visit the Energy Star website for programmable thermostat options and to see what system is appropriate for your heating and AC system.

Video: How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

Find out how to install a programmable thermostat and what to do with your old one. See Video >>


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