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Support Full Funding for Agricultural Best Management Practices

Clean water is vital to all Virginians. Our agricultural best management practices cost-share program helps farmers install practices, like fencing cattle out of streams, to improve water quality on the farm and downstream.

Support Land Conservation Funding

The most important funding mechanisms for preserving historic, cultural and natural resources come from three grant programs - the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation, Farmland Preservation Fund and Battlefield Preservation Fund.

Support Bills to Rein In Disposal of Construction Dirt on Rural Lands

HB 1310 and HB 1639, introduced by Delegate Webert (R-18) and Delegate Guzman (D- 31) would address the dumping of excavation fill dirt from construction sites on rural lands, which has become a significant problem in several counties in Virginia.

Support the Virginia Energy Reform Act

The Virginia Energy Reform Act would restructure our outdated energy market into one that provides energy choice, protects consumers, assists low-income communities, and holds utilities accountable for poor performance. It has been tabled until 2021, but it won't hurt to contact your state legislators today!

Charlottesville/Albemarle Letter: Support the Jefferson Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Add your name or business/organization to our letter of support for the recently released Jefferson Area Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan. 

Sign the Virginia Energy Reform Coalition Petition

The Virginia Energy Reform Coalition (VERC) is a group of stakeholders, including PEC, representing a broad spectrum of interests who are calling for reforms needed to create a modern, 21st century grid that lowers prices, increases choices for ratepayers, and improves the environment, all while maintaining reliability. Learn more and sign the petition!

Town to Trail Petition

Add your name to our petition to show support for trails and parks in Gordonsville in Orange County. 

Loudoun Petition: HOA Residents for Sustainable Landscaping

More than 60% of Loudoun residents are part of an HOA. Join with friends, neighbors and community members in showing support for sustainable landscaping practices at HOAs across Loudoun County.


Charlottesville/Albemarle Petition

This petition is a simple way to show elected officials in Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville that residents want better, more connected, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

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