PEC’s Legacy Society: Leaving Your Mark

PEC has worked for 40 years to promote and protect the natural resources and vibrant communities of the Piedmont. We would not be where we are today, however, without the dedication of concerned citizens who support the work that we have done and are doing.

PEC is very fortunate to have a great degree of long-term donor loyalty—people who care about this beautiful region and its fate. Some of these generous donors want to continue to give, even after death. So, we created the Piedmont Legacy Society—a group of special friends of PEC’s who have demonstrated their commitment to the long-term conservation of this region by making a planned gift. These extraordinary individuals ensure that the beauty of the Piedmont will remain.

“It’s about securing the future of PEC,” explains Vice President Doug Larson. “ For many people who care deeply about the Piedmont, it is important to them that PEC be around for years to come. By creating a legacy gift to us, they are leaving a legacy for the future generations of this region.”

Society members will receive regular updates about our work, and are recognized each year in our annual report— though anonymity is also an option. They also receive regular updates about our work, and are recognized each year in our annual report—though anonymity is also an option.

Joan Fine—Why I Became a Society member

Clarke County residents Joan and Norm Fineare members of the Piedmont Legacy Society. Joan Fine explained her reasoning for including PEC in her will, and why she feels others should consider doing the same:

“Norm and I fell in love with the Virginia countryside on a visit many years ago—so much so that we made it our home. We have been very impressed with PEC’s work in keeping open space preservation viable in the 21st Century—not only through easement donations, but also by encouraging strong rural economies with their Buy Fresh Buy Local program; leading in habitat restoration work; encouraging smart growth and planning in our communities; and educating future generations through their Fellowship Program.

As an attorney with estate planning as part of my practice, and as a former PEC Director, I am enthusiastic about PEC’s programs and foresight. In today’s fast-paced world, change comes quickly—and I can think of no better organization than PEC to ensure the preservation of Virginia’s countryside. It’s important to me to be able to support their efforts long into the future, and the Legacy Society gives us that opportunity.”

If you would like to help safeguard the Piedmont, please consider leaving a gift in your will to PEC. The opportunity to act will not last forever, but your legacy can.