Video Messages from Earth Day

As we mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this week, PEC staff are as busy as ever. From Albemarle to Loudoun, and everywhere in between, we’ve been developing innovative ways to continue our work.

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Earth Day Tree Giveaway with Friends of the Rappahannock

This video was posted to our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts on 4/21/2020.

The Piedmont Environmental Council partnered up with Friends of the Rappahannock to give away free trees to Fauquier County residents in honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Thanks to everyone who signed up!

This is part of a Friends of the Rappahannock initiative to plant trees in the Rappahannock River watershed, with help from PEC and the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission.

Trees are one of nature’s best resources and provide a wide range of benefits to our environment, economy, and local communities. Each tree planted will have a positive impact.

This native tree giveaway is made possible by grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), Earth Day Network (EDN) and support from the Virginia Department of Forestry (DOF)

Dr. Drew Lanham on Earth Day’s Significance

This video was posted on our Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

“If there is any sort of silver lining to this very dark cloud, it is for us to slow down and understand who it is that we are as beings and creatures of the earth.” ~Dr. J. Drew Lanham, Wildlife Biologist and Professor Emeritus at Clemson University.

Dr. Lanham spoke with us about the special significance that the 50th anniversary of Earth Day holds amid the ongoing global crisis.

Dr. Lanham is a nationally recognized ecologist, poet, author, and birder. He is a widely published author and poet focusing on a passion for place and the personal and societal conflicts that sometimes put conservation and culture at odds.

PEC and The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center planned to host Dr. Lanham for an event in Charlottesville this spring. It’s been postponed for the time being, but will be rescheduled in the fall!

Learn more about Dr. Lanham and read his work here>>

An Earth Day Message from PEC’s Peter Krebs

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“I’m so excited that I can ride my bike, or run, or even walk to spots like this. The next challenge for us really is to make it so that these places are connected and easy to reach for everybody.” ~PEC’s Peter Krebs

Peter is PEC’s Community Outreach Coordinator in the Charlottesville office.

Learn more about PEC’s work to improve bike and pedestrian connectivity in Charlottesville and Albemarle here>> 

An Earth Day Message from PEC’s Kat Imhoff

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“I hope we will all dedicate ourselves, even more, to saving nature in making places that we can all enjoy.”

PEC’s Kat Imhoff

Kat is PEC’s Senior Conservation Fellow. Learn more about our conservation work here>>