Our Alternative — Rethinking the Bi-County Parkway

Our proposal, detailed in the report Rethinking the Bi-County Parkway, focuses on fixing east-west routes for commuters, it provides lower impact local road fixes and connections to help local residents, it preserves the Rural Crescent and Transition Area, and could allow for the roads to be closed through the Battlefield (although it’s not clear that would ultimately be necessary, due to the reduced traffic that would result from implementing the alternatives we’ve suggested).

It would meet the goals of the 1988 legislation while rejecting VDOT’s proposed highway. It would improve passenger access to Dulles with the completion of upgrades to Route 28 from I-66 north, improvements to the I-66 corridor, and upgrades to the Route 234/Route 28 connection and Route 28 on the east side of the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. The composite set of connections is designed to improve traffic movement throughout the area, benefiting more travelers and trip types than would the single large north-south highway proposal.

More about Rethinking the Bi-County Parkway, a report from the Piedmont Environmental Council, Coalition for Smarter Growth, Southern Environmental Law Center, National Trust for Historic Preservation and National Parks Conservation Association.