Alternative Onsite Septic Systems Forum

Alternative Onsite Septic Systems or AOSS is a term that has become increasingly better known as more developments include these systems in areas where septic was historically impossible. Understandably many citizens are concerned about this new technology and the regulations controlling their use and maintenance. Come out Wednesday night at 6pm to the John Barton Payne Building to learn more about these systems!

Alternative Onsite Septic System Forum

When: Wednesday, April 18th 6pm till 8pm

Where: John Barton Payne Community Room, Courthouse Square, Warrenton


  • Pam Pruett, President of Virginia Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
  • Allen Knapp, Virginia Department of Health Director of Onsite Sewage and Water Services
  • Jim Sawyer, Soil Scientist with Fauquier County
  • Dan Holmes, Director of State Policy at Piedmont Environmental Council

Several other representatives from the Virginia Health Department that cover surrounding counties will also be present to answer questions as needed.

Topic: Alternative septic systems are increasingly being used for new development in areas with limiting factors that necessitate alternatives to the conventional septic drain fields. However, many residents move into these new homes without knowing that their system has strict maintenance requirements that need to be met to ensure that it does not become a risk to them, their neighbors, or the environment.

The purpose of the forum is to provide rural residents, local representatives, and other interested parties with information about alternative onsite septic systems. There will be four presentations covering basic information about these systems, the benefits of these alternative systems, the risks involved with these systems, the regulations currently in place in Virginia, and discussions in the General Assembly about changing these regulations.

Questions? Contact Julie Bolthouse at or by phone at 540-347-2334.