Tia Earman

Senior Land Use Field Representative
Loudoun and Clarke counties
(540) 347-2334 x7040

Tia Earman is a mother, farmer and rural land use planner. She runs a small farm in western Loudoun
with her daughters raising primarily Polled Dorset sheep and Welsummer chickens. After years of
volunteering in her community, running for office, and advocating for better land use policies at both
the state and local level, Tia returned to school and completed her master’s in Urban Planning and
Regional Development with Virginia Tech in 2022 as well as a Graduate Certificate in Economic

Tia is the current president of The Loudoun County Farm Bureau; she serves on the Loudoun County
Zoning Committee (ZOC) as well as the Rural Economic Development Council for Loudoun. Tia believes
the connection between zoning policy, farmland preservation and the success of rural businesses is vital
in building and maintaining a thriving rural community anywhere, even more so when the pressure to
expand suburban sprawl is so intense. She hopes through her work with PEC to encourage localities to
look for innovative solutions to housing needs and strive to preserve the irreplaceable farmlands and
green spaces which make this region so special.