Catherine Fisher

Community Farm Specialist
540-347-2334 x7074

Catherine Fisher joined The Piedmont Environmental Council as the Community Farm Specialist in March 2024.

Catherine grew up in southern Indiana where she was drawn to agriculture and environmental responsibility from a young age. It wasn’t until she attended DePauw University, studying intersectional sustainability and interning at the university’s campus farm and a regional land trust, that she truly understood the importance of community access to healthy food and green spaces.  

After graduating, Catherine managed DePauw’s Ullem Campus Farm before refining her knowledge of organic, no-till farming systems through an apprenticeship at Frith Farm in Scarborough, Maine.

Community and access to opportunity has been the central thread throughout all of these experiences, and she is committed to engaging with the land in a way that invites education, collaboration, and mentorship

In her free time, Catherine loves birdwatching, crafting, spending time with her cat, and sending snail mail to family and friends. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing and uses her love for storytelling to make sense of the many relationships that form while spending time in the natural world.