Conserving Land

To date, PEC has helped landowners permanently protect more than 430,000 acres of land in our nine-county region. Our work centers around accelerating the pace of land conservation, ensuring clean water, enhancing wildlife habitat and expanding public access. Get started on your land conservation journey with our free easement brochure.

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Fracking and Conservation Easements?

Not a Good Fit Next week, the Virginia Outdoors Foundation (VOF), a public agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state's largest holder of conservation easements, will be reviewing a number of new properties …
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From the Field: PEC’s Piedmont Memorial Overlook

The first two steps in land management are to assess what condition the land is in and then decide what your goals are. PEC is going through both of these steps at the Piedmont Memorial …
Hope Porter and Sue Scheer

Forty Years of Conservation

Hope Porter and Sue Scheer have been fighting to protect rural land for decades. It was in the late 1940s that Porter and her husband realized what the post-war surge in automobile ownership and long-distance …
Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

This online resources provides names of species that have been listed on an invasive species list or noxious weed law in North America. For more information on each species, including the listing sources, images, and …
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Who Accepts Conservation Easements / How Do I Get Started?

Choosing the right organization is essential for you and your property …
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Why Should I Donate a Conservation Easement?

Why Should I Donate a Conservation Easement?

Your land matters to you and future generations …
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What Are the Public Benefits of Conservation Easements?

Protection of clean air, water, productive farms and forests, historic resources, wildlife habitat and more …
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Hand pulling versus herbicide treatment

Removing Wavyleaf Basketgrass

Learn more about the different ways to remove it and how to determine which method to use …

Section 3: Why Is This Plant Bad?

Wavyleaf basketgrass is one of many exotic, invasive plants that have been introduced to our area. Read more about how invasive species like this one crowd out native trees and create other problems in our …

Section 2: Wavyleaf or an Imposter?

Wavyleaf basketgrass (Oplismenus hirtellus ssp. undulatifolius) is sometimes mistakenly identified as Japanese stiltgrass, Arthraxon, or native Deer Tongue. Learn how to tell them apart …