Madison County

PEC’s Madison County staff supports our land use and land conservation activities in the county. PEC is dedicated to promoting healthy communities and the preservation of Madison’s rural character, environment and historic resources.

"Poisoned Waters" Documentary on FRONTLINE

“Poisoned Waters” Documentary on FRONTLINE

FRONTLINE correspondent Hedrick Smith takes an in-depth look at Puget Sound and the Chesapeake Bay, and examines the growing number of hazards to human health and our nation’s waterways. Both PEC and partner group, the …
Limestone Geology and Sinkholes

Limestone Geology and Sinkholes

Limestone geology, also known as Karst, is quite prevalent in the eastern United States. Limestone often dissolves in water, creating voids where groundwater flows like an underground river –gnawing away rock over the eons. The …
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Protecting the Cedar Run Watershed

Protecting the Cedar Run Watershed

When Mike and Margrete Stevens first came to Fauquier County eighteen years ago, as the new owners of Bonny Brook Farm, near Warrenton, they made friends with their neighbors Julian and Sue Scheer and Hilary …
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Building Fences for Cleaner Streams

Farmers are using a unique incentive program coordinated by PEC to substantially expand water quality protections in our region. The program helps cover their costs for fencing livestock out of streams …