Greene County

Greene County

PEC serves as an asset to citizens in Greene who seek to protect this traditionally agricultural community from increasingly rapid development. 

What's Happening In and Around Greene

Landowners Protect Two New Properties in Greene County in 2013


PEC Press Release -- Jan 22, 2014

In 2013, an additional 212 acres were protected through two new conservation easements in Greene County. This brings the total of privately protected land in the county to over 10,380 acres.

“One of the standout conservation easements for 2013 was the 118 acre Morris-Tata Farm,” said Rex Linville, Land Conservation Officer for The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). “Not only is this property important because of its scenic location just north of Stanardsville, but the landowners have been part of the Greene County community for many generations, and this easement is a wonderful way to preserve the family's legacy of land stewardship.”




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The following articles appeared in PEC's Membership Newsletter -- The Piedmont View

Letter from the President- Fall 2014 Edition

One of the important characteristics of PEC is that we are relevant. Our mission, our programs, our actions, and our words are taken seriously, both within our communities and by theoutside world. And even though PEC gets the most attention for our stances in oppositionto questionable or poorly conceived projects such as the Dominion Transmission Line projector the Charlottesville Western Bypass, the reality is that the bulk of our work is proactive and positive in nature, and it matters Read More

Farmer-Chef Express

The Piedmont Environmental Council is always looking for ways to strengthen our local food economy. After a lot of brain­storming, developing and website testing, Farmer-Chef Express was launched this past August! Read More

Teaming Up to Save the "Brookie"

Virginia’s state fish, the eastern brook trout, is in trouble. The Commonwealth’s only native trout has seen a sharp decline in population due to a detrimental combination of rising temper­atures, physical barriers to streamflow, pollution, and habitat loss. Many expect the species to be added to VA’s Wildlife Action Plan list in the near future. Read More

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There are always a ton of great conservation-themed events happening throughout the Piedmont. Whatever your interests -- local food, nature, history, getting outdoors or learning something new -- there is sure to be an interesting event on the horizon!

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Greene -- More Local Issues

  • Feb 15, 2012

    Creekside—More Development and More Traffic on Rt. 29

    Update: At its February 28th meeting, the Greene County Board of Supervisors narrowly approved the Fried Companies requested rezoning to increase density on their 400+ acre parcel with a 3-2 vote. Supervisors Lamb and Peyton voted against the project while Supervisors Deane, Cox and Frydl voted for the project. Read More

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Greene & Albemarle County
Land Conservation Officer
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