Culpeper County

This summer, Culpeper County is going through the process of updating its plan for future growth and development and its important that you weigh in on this vision. Five community meetings have been scheduled to allow for the public to weigh in with the Planning Commission and county staff.

Wednesday, May 27, 7 pm
Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Dept.
19601 Church Rd. Brandy Station, VA

Thursday, May 28, 7 pm
Reva Volunteer Fire Dept.
18230 Birmingham Rd. Culpeper, VA

Monday, June 1, 7 pm
Mitchells Presbyterian Church
12229 Mitchell Rd. Mitchells, VA

Wednesday, June 3, 7 pm
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room
302 North Main St. Culpeper, VA

Thursday, June 4, 7 pm
Jeffersonton Community Center
5073 Jeffersonton Rd. Jeffersonton, VA


The following text was taken from an email alert we sent out on May 27, 2015:


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One of the many beautiful places found in Culpeper County.
Photo by Annie Williams

A Comprehensive Vision

Culpeper is a beautiful and unique place to live, but it hasn't happened by chance. County residents have worked hard to ensure desired growth does not diminish Culpeper's natural, cultural or historic resources.

Much of this work is reflected in the County's Comprehensive Plan, a locality's vision statement and road map for the future. It is the community's most important document regarding land use, transportation and resource utilization; and it is the basis for decisions and regulations regarding development. Localities are required by state law to periodically update their Comprehensive Plans (the last update was in 2010).

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After the Planning Commission and County staff gather public comment and hold a public hearing, the Commission will vote to recommend a version of the draft plan to the Board of Supervisors.
Photo by Katherine Vance

Our Take

Culpeper's draft update to its Comprehensive Plan has some great goals and objectives, but here are some areas where it falls short :

1. Growth should be directed into Village Centers. Infrastructure is planned for in the Village Centers, so there should be stronger language that encourages growth there. This has the added benefit of keeping our rural areas rural.

2. We need more specific strategies to protect and take advantage of the green infrastructure in the County. There should be a plan to identify and protect the natural, historic and scenic resources that make our county such a special place to live in. These features are also a big reason people visit Culpeper, so a green infrastructure plan is integral to ensuring a robust tourism sector.

3. Design standards for Village Centers should be maintained. Design standards, including the scale of infrastructure, should fit with the look and feel of the neighborhood. This often means narrower roads, on-street parking and sidewalks, which also makes Village Centers safer places to travel in and through.

4. Rural roads matter. Culpeper's rural roads help define this community's character and a plan for maintainance is important. Paving them might be necessary in some cases, but is not always the best option.

5. Pedestrian/bike accommodations should be implemented as roads are built or improved. The County is spending a lot of money on new roads to address traffic problems, but conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will increase if good ped/bike amenities are not incorporated.

The current Culpeper County Comprehensive Plan is available online. There are community meetings tonight, tomorrow and next Monday, Wednesday and Thursday around the county. The location details are up on our website.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you can make it out to one of the meetings.


David Holtzman
Culpeper County Land Use Officer
The Piedmont Environmental Council
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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