Restoring Wildlife Habitat

In 2015, PEC finished the renovation and expansion of our historic headquarters office, which was built in 1784 in Warrenton, Virginia. As part of the vision for a more sustainable building, we began extensive restoration work on the office grounds. 

“Once we completed the building addition, I was anxious to see PEC keep up the momentum and continue with the landscaping. We made such an effort to have the building reflect the organization’s values — from the reuse of an old building, geothermal HVAC system, solar panels, state-of-the art windows and insulation — it was important the landscaping also make a statement that was in keeping with our programmatic goals.” -Douglas C. Larson

doug larson

Doug Larson, former vice president of PEC

As of summer 2018, the garden is largely complete, and we are proud to name it in honor of Doug Larson. Doug is a former vice president of PEC, and served in that capacity for 16 years before his retirement in 2016. Thanks to Doug’s passion for natives and dedication to the organization, Piedmont residents have a site that they can visit that demonstrates how native plants can be used in an urban and suburban landscape.

The Design

Since native plants are supposed to be a part of our local landscape, they use less and provide more. They also provide food and shelter to local wildlife, which helps build a stronger ecosystem.

The primary design was provided by PEC’s own Dan Holmes, director of state policy, who has a background in horticulture and a masters in landscape design. Celia Vuocolo, PEC’s habitat and stewardship specialist, was responsible for selecting the perennials and designing the pollinator garden.

Plant List

Common nameCultivarSpecies NameBloom time
Anise hyssop   Agastache foeniculum Jul-Aug
Nodding onion   Allium cernuum Jun-Aug
Field pussytoes   Antennaria neglecta Apr-June
Wild ginger   Asarum canadense Apr-June
Swamp milkweed   Asclepias incarnata Jun-Oct
Common milkweed   Asclepias syriaca Jun-Aug
False yellow indigo   Baptisia sphereocarpa May-June
Blue wood sedge   Carex flaccosperma  
Fringe tree   Chionanthus virginicus Apr-May
Summersweet   Clethra alnifolia Jul-Aug
Mistflower   Conoclinium coelestinum Jul-Nov
Flowering dogwood   Cornus florida Mar-May
Poverty oat grass   Danthonia spicata May-July
Rattlesnake master   Eryngium yuccafolium May-Aug
Fothergilla Mt. Airy Fothergilla Apr-May
Wild hydrangea Annabelle Hydrangea arborescens Jun-Aug
Allegheny stonecrop   Hylotelephium telephoides Aug-Sep
Shrubby St. Johns wort   Hypericum prolificum Jun-Aug
American holly Miss Helen Ilex opaca Apr-June
Sweetspire Little Henry Itea virginica Apr-June
Dwarf liatris   Liatris microcephala Jul-Oct
Prairie blazing star   Liatris pycnostachia Aug-Dec
Wild bergamot   Monarda fistulosa May-Sep
Pink muhly grass   Muhlenbergia capillaris  
Switchgrass Northwind Panicum virgatum  
Wild quinine   Parthenium integrifolium Jun-July
Small's penstemon   Penstemon smallii Apr-June
Beardtongue Husker Red Penstemon digitalis May-June
Threadleaf mountain mint   Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Jun-Sep
Moss phlox   Phlox subulata Mar-June
Lyreleaf sage Purple Knockout Salvia lyrata Apr-June
Three-leaved stonecrop   Sedum ternatum Apr-June
American senna   Cassia hebercarpa Jul-Aug
Little bluestem Standing Ovation Schizachyrium scoparium  
Blue eyed grass Lucerne Sisyrinchium angustifolium Mar-July
Sweet goldenrod   Solidago odora Jul-Oct
Dwarf goldenrod Golden Fleece Solidago sphacelata Jul-Oct
Heath aster Snow Flurries Symphyotrichum ericoides Aug-Oct
Smooth aster Bluebird Symphyotrichum laevis Aug-Oct
Wild blueberry Duke Vaccinium corymbosum May-June
Ironweed Iron Butterfly Vernonia lettermannii Jul-Aug
Culver's root   Veronicastrum virginicum Jul-Sep
Appalachian barren strawberry   Geum waldsteinia Apr-June
Kentucky coffeetree   Gymnocladus dioicus  
Ear leaved tickseed Nana Coreopsis auriculata May-June
Threadleaf coreopsis   Coreopsis verticillata Jun-Sept
American alumroot   Heuchera americana Jun-Aug
Swamp white oak   Quercus bicolor  
Eastern bluestar   Amsonia tabernaemontana var. salicifolia May-June
Prairie dropseed   Sporobolus heterolepis  
Blue false indigo   Baptisia australis May
Aromatic aster October Skies Symphiotrichum oblongifolium Sept-Nov
Aromatic aster Raydon's Favorite Symphiotrichum oblongifolium Sept-Nov

Plant materials from: Grelen Nursery, Hill House Farm and Nursery, Piedmont Nursery & The Natural Garden.

Contractors: Ironwood Outdoors, Brent’s Native Plantings, Cedar Hill Services, LLC, Aptitude Tree Service.


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