Solarize Piedmont

Through the power of our community, we’ve made going solar more affordable than ever. With that said, solar installations come with upfront costs and it’s important to think of your solar panels as an investment — and what a great investment it is!

For our spring 2017 campaign which runs through April 30, 2017, we’ve negotiated pricing options to give homeowners more flexibility and choice. Your solar sales engineer can help you make the best choice depending on your ownership goals.


Configuration Options

There are two different types of panels to choose from:

  • 1Base Panels (foreign made)
    • 10 yr warranty on install and workmanship 
    • 25 years on power at 80% or better
  • 2Standard Panels (Buy America)
    • 10 yr warranty on install and workmanship
    • 25 yr on power at 80% or better

Additionally, you have the option of standard inverters or micro-inverters. Talk to your solar sales engineer to determine which is the best choice for you!


Pricing Information

Here is the pricing information for 2017's Solarize Piedmont campaign:

Type of System Roof Mount Ground Mount

Size of System







Standard Panel

$2.50 $2.45 $2.40 $2.70 $2.65

Standard + Microinverters

$2.50 $2.45 $2.40 $2.70 $2.65

Buy America Compliant Panel

$2.85 $2.80 $2.75 $3.00 $2.95

Buy America Compliant + Microinverters

$2.85 $2.80 $2.75 $3.00 $2.95

In addition to Solarize discounts, Solarize Piedmont installers will help participants access a 30% federal tax credit, affordable financing, and navigate the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) market.

All of this combined may make it possible for participants to finance their installations with monthly payments similar (or even less) than regular utility payments. Below is a table demonstrating an approximate pricing structure. It includes common system sizes and sample financing breakdowns.

It is important to note that individual system performance will vary and, depending on your home’s energy use, may only offset a percentage of your home’s electricity use.

System Size by Kilowatt (kW) for Base Panels 3 kW 6 kW
Solarize Rate per Watt $2.50 $2.45
Cost Before Federal Tax Credit $7,500 $14,700
Total Cost After Federal Tax Credit (30%) $5,250 $10,290
Monthly Loan Payment (Financing cost after tax credit over 15 yrs.) $44 $87
Estimated Monthly Savings (Electricity + SRECs) $37 $75
Estimated Net Monthly Cost (Financing cost after tax credit over 15 yrs.) $7 $12

*The chart above assumes an average electricity rate of $0.11/kWh, an SREC value of $45, and a 15-year loan at 6%. The financial analysis represents estimates and actual results may vary.


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Want to talk to someone before signing up for your solar assessment? Email Bri West, PEC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions!

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