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Conserving Water

By reducing impervious surface.

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Land conservation and land use planning/advocacy are the primary ways that PEC works to reduce impervious surfaces.
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Improving Water Quality

Through land management.

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From rural to suburban to urban, there are best management practices (native plantings, livestock fencing) that make water cleaner.
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Restoring Connections

By removing barriers.

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Culverts, low-water crossings and linear infrastructure (i.e. pipelines, highways) can serve as disruptions to healthy stream flow.
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Measuring Success

Through stream monitoring.

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Monitoring water quality, biological populations, and physical features of stream habitat are all vital to understanding stream health.
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Arsenic and rocket fuel in our water. Gender-altering hormones and medications in our rivers and streams. PCBs, dioxins and pesticides in breast milk. Lead in children’s toys and women’s lipstick. Hazardous ingredients in air fresheners, development disrupting chemicals in plastic baby bottles and dangerous fumes from vinyl shower curtains. Our world is awash in chemicals and pollutants that pose health risks to our families, our communities and our environment.

A healthy environment should not be a luxury, yet our homes and communities are increasingly contaminated by chemicals and fumes from countless everyday objects. Rapidly accumulating scientific evidence suggests many of these chemicals and fumes are not innocuous, and some are absolutely hazardous. This is more than an environmental issue-this is also a health and justice issue.
Many common chemicals and pollutants have already been linked to rising rates of asthma, cancer and heart conditions. And, as technology advances, new products are developed almost daily. It is our responsibility-and in our best interest-to ensure these new products are safe for our families, our communities and our environment. We work with local and national groups to pursue environmental justice by holding polluters accountable and engaging elected officials. Together, we present a strong, unified voice for environmental justice in communities and neighborhoods across the United States.
Working Towards Healthier Families and Communities 
Collectively, our actions will help guarantee a healthier future for our families and our communities. To reach this goal of a healthier tomorrow, we must:
  • Take the precautionary approach, proving new products and chemicals are safe before using them.
  • Require all chemicals be tested for negative health and environmental effects.
  • Identify chemical ingredients in products, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.
  • Develop stronger right-to-know rules on chemical use, storage, emissions and disposal.
  • Pursue environmental injustices and hold polluters accountable.
Article Contributed by Andy Fellows from Clean Water Action

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