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Conserving Water

By reducing impervious surface.

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Land conservation and land use planning/advocacy are the primary ways that PEC works to reduce impervious surfaces.
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Improving Water Quality

Through land management.

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From rural to suburban to urban, there are best management practices (native plantings, livestock fencing) that make water cleaner.
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Restoring Connections

By removing barriers.

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Culverts, low-water crossings and linear infrastructure (i.e. pipelines, highways) can serve as disruptions to healthy stream flow.
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Measuring Success

Through stream monitoring.

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Monitoring water quality, biological populations, and physical features of stream habitat are all vital to understanding stream health.
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Check out this great interactive map and find out more about your local stream conditions in Loudoun!

The County has recently completed a highly informative interactive map that allows you to fill in your address and find out answers to questions such as:

  • Is the stream water in my area healthy enough to play and swim in?
  • What does the stream look like?
  • Should I eat the fish that I catch there?

To explore for yourself, follow this link to the map where you can enter your street address. Symbols on the map indicate nearby locations where stream monitoring has occurred. Then click on the symbols to view photos and download a complete report for the site.


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