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Safeguarding the landscapes, communities and heritage of the Piedmont by involving citizens in public policy and land conservation. Learn more about our work by browsing the subject areas below and find out how to get involved!

Water flows through all of our land. To keep it plentiful and safe for drinking, swimming and fishing, we need clean air, expansive forests, responsible farms, wooded stream banks, and communities and individuals who make choices to avoid pollution.

Conservation easements help ensure that the Virginia Piedmont is always characterized by its open spaces, healthy environment, and cultural resources. 

PEC works toward energy solutions that emphasize efficiency first, use appropriate technologies for the 21st Century and respect the scenic and historic character of the Piedmont. 

The Piedmont's beautiful vistas also present some of America's most historic terrain-where visionaries, pioneers, farmers, generals, soldiers, slaves and Presidents lived and left their mark. 

Whether you live in urban, suburban or rural areas, you can make a positive impact on surrounding fish and wildlife populations.  Our web resources are intended to give you the tools to manage your Piedmont lands and waters for greater biodiversity, productivity, and environmental quality.  

PEC believes that the work of protecting natural resources and the work of building better communities are integral to each other. 

As high gas prices, traffic congestion, strain on the state budget and concerns about pollution prompt widespread calls for change, PEC supports a new transportation vision for Virginia. 

Farmland and forests produce the necessities of life and provide essential natural services. In PEC's nine county area, over 180,000 acres of farmland and 140,000 acres of forests are protected through private, voluntary land conservation. 

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