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Below, please find videos made or hosted by The Piedmont Environmental Council.

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We are excited to host (online) a series of films that highlight farms, nonprofits, and community members on a mission to change the way we think and act about food. The films are executive produced by the Prince Charitable Trusts and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University, and created by Aditi Desai and Vanina Harel. View or download the films below.

Why these films?

Agricultural land is scarce, and development and urbanization are encroaching upon what little is left. At one time, a cornucopia of food was grown in close proximity to our homes.. But now, much of the foods we eat on a daily basis travel great distances to reach our grocery store shelves and ultimately our plates. Is this the future of food?

The creators of Farming for the Future believe there is another way forward -- one that is based on a set of essential ingredients to help ensure a sustainable farming and food future.

  • Land access to grow food.
  • New farmers passionate about local, sustainable food production.
  • Educators to teach the community about the cultural history of food.
  • Activists to inspire youth to eat and grow food locally and sustainably.

Want to do your part? Host a screening. Download a screening guide that includes discussion questions, ideas for supporting the sustainable agriculture movement, and more. 

Videos produced in house by the Piedmont Environmental Council about our work.


Cultivating Community at Roundabout Meadows

Come help us start our second season at our Community Farm! Learn more about the farm and volunteer opportunities at Even though it's still chilly outside, we and our partners at Loudoun Hunger Relief are getting excited for spring at the Community Farm at Roundabout Meadows and growing food for those in need! Seeding for the upcoming growing season will kick off in February. Volunteers are the backbone of our efforts at the Community Farm, so please considering spending a few hours helping out! We're thrilled with the progress that the farm has made in its first year of operations. Come out to Roundabout Meadows to help make 2020 even more successful!


Restoring Connections at Whiteoak Canyon

We teamed up with Shenandoah National Park and Trout Unlimited to remove the old crossing at the Whiteoak Canyon trailhead and replace it with a brand new bridge. Damaged by years of flooding, the crossing was no longer safe to drive across, blocked wildlife like brook trout, Virginia's state freshwater fish, from accessing their natural habitat in the Park, and degraded water quality downstream. Now hikers will once again be able to drive across Cedar Run to the upper parking lot while fish and other aquatic species can swim freely in the revitalized stream!  Funding for this project was provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), Orvis, The Nimick Forbesway Foundation, and the Ohrstrom Foundation. Visit for more information.



Family Day at the Community Farm

We had an amazing time at Family Day at the Community Farm! It was great to see people of all ages enjoying the fall weather, delicious food, and fun activities. Thanks to everyone who was able to come out! If you weren't able to make it this time, stay tuned for more events at the farm in the future! To learn more about our Community Farm, visit Special thanks to Loudoun Hunger Relief for being a great partner in this project. We're excited about what the future will bring!



Help Protect Virginia's Piedmont - A Message from Robert Duvall

The PEC was incredibly fortunate to partner with actor Robert Duvall to create this video. This is a must-watch!



Prescribed Burn at the Piedmont Memorial Overlook

As part of our ongoing habitat restoration project at our Piedmont Memorial Overlook property near Sky Meadows State Park, the Virginia Department of Forestry helped us conduct a prescribed burn on 5 acres of our native warm-season grass meadow in March of 2017. Prescribed fire reduces fuels, suppresses some woody species, recycles nutrients and stimulates plant growth-- all of which improves habitat for wildlife.



Farm to Fork: Appalachia Star Farm & Tavola

Where does your food come from? Who's your farmer? Appalachia Star Farm and Tavola, an Italian restaurant in Charlottesville, are only two of the many local farms and restaurants featured in Piedmont Environmental Council's "Buy Fresh Buy Local" guides. Find more local farms and restaurants that serve local food: Visit Appalachia Star Farm and Tavola's websites:

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