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Winter 2015 Piedmont View

The 2015 winter editon of the Piedmont View features an article on the move into our new headquarters office, a recap of our farmland leasing workshops and conservation learning circle, a shout-out to Tri-County Feeds for their continued support, and a run-down of 2015 highlights. You can read individual articles online or view a PDF for the entire issue.

Carolyn Sedgwick, PEC talks to women landowners at  the Conservation Learning Circle.

Nearly a third of the nation’s farmland—301 million acres of U.S. land—is now farmed or co-farmed by women. Some are new farmers and others have inherited family land they farm themselves or lease out to neighboring farmers. Over the next two decades, the American Farmland Trust estimates that 240 million acres of farmland are expected to change owners as aging farmers retire or leave their land to the next generation. Many of these new owners, with some estimations up to 75 percent, will be women.

Increasing the local food supply and expanding opportunities for next-generation farmers in the Piedmont depends on improving access to affordable farmland. Many Piedmont landowners are interested in expanding the agricultural use of their land, and many farmers are eager to partner with landowners through farmland leases. However, both landowners and farmland seekers say that it often proves very difficult to make these matches in Virginia.

The winter comes in with a rush of holiday activities, as well as the end of the year push to complete projects and set the agenda for the new year to come.

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