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The fields are exploding with black-eyed and brown-eyed susans, partridge pea, oxe-eye daisy and butterfly weed. Many different species of bees and butterflies are taking full advantage of this first year meadow’s abundant blooms. We will continue to spot treat some invasive plants like Sericea lespedeza and perilla mint, but our meadow restoration project is well on its way! This fall we will also be prepping the pine restoration area, which will be planted in the spring. The project is one of several pilots that PEC is conducting to develop practical recommendations for landowners interested in habitat restoration. You can visit by hiking the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Ambassador Whitehouse Loop, accessiblefrom Sky Meadow State Park!

The Sustainable Habitat Program is looking for land­owners in the Thumb Run watershed that are interesting in participating in our Backyard Habitat Cost-Share program. Participants will be provided with a habitat garden design, a suite of native plants from Hill House Farm & Nursery, and on-the-ground management advice from PEC Habitat staff. There is no acreage requirement for this project. If you are interested in learning more about this pilot effort, contact Celia Vuocolo, PEC’s Sustainable Habitat Program Assistant, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 540-347-2334 ext. 25.

This article was featured in our Fall 2014 Member Newsletter, The Piedmont View. You can read more of the articles online or view a PDF of the fall issue.


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