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Looking west along Route 50 (John Mosby Highway) near Gilbert's Corner, with Watson Road at the right.
Photo Courtesy of Sterling Run and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
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Bringing Transportation Planning Land Conservation Together at Gilberts Corner

1994 to 2014

1994 VDOT issued proposal to widen Route 50 and create a bypass around Middleburg. Discussions of the widening and future right-of-way purchase concerned the citizens and community leaders.

1995 Route 50 Corridor Coalition is formed as a partnership of five existing local nonprofit groups, with the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) dedicating staff time and becoming its fiscal sponsor. The coalition's main goals were to develop a corridor-wide vision that would facilitate preservation and enhancement of Route 50 and the John Mosby Heritage Area's unique natural and historic resources and community character. Its vision takes a long-range view of transportation and land use, providing alternatives on how to address Route 50's traffic and safety issues for multiple users for the roadway.

1996 The Route 50 Corridor Coalition sponsored Ian Lockwood, a civil engineer, to develop a traffic calming plan based on community-wide visioning workshops held in 1995-96. The plan was guided by the following design principles for the roadway that included: (1) designs that will inform travelers that they are arriving and leaving distinctive areas (Mosby Heritage Area, Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville) through use of entrance features; (2) inclusion of distinctive design elements are encouraged to drive more slowly, particularly in the town centers. The plan received national recognition and won the Institute of Transportation Engineer’s President’s Award.

1997 Traffic calming plan was adopted by the Middleburg Town Council and Loudoun and Fauquier county boards of supervisors.

1998 After bringing the Route 50 traffic calming plan to Senator John Warner, he was able to secure $13 million in congressional funding for the project as a traffic calming demonstration project under TEA-21.

1999 Route 50 Traffic Calming Task Force was established under the authority of the Commonwealth Transportation Board. The task force is responsible for overseeing the traffic calming plan's implementation, including the hiring of the consultant who conducted more detailed planning and design of the traffic calming features.

2005 Mount Zion Preservation Association (MZPA) successfully acquires 86 acre Mosby Run property at Route 50 and Watson Road.

2009: The Piedmont Environmental Council successfully purchases 68 acres of rural land along Route 50 and adjacent to Mosby Run property.

2009: The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority acquires the Mosby Run property from MPZA with the intention of creating the Gilberts Corner Regional Park for passive recreation, historical interpretation, and environmental education.

2009: Gilbert's Corner roundabouts are completed. “Building roundabouts is a new and very different concept for VDOT in northern Virginia,” said Kenny Robinson, Route 50 corridor program manager. “This project is the result of a partnership between VDOT and the Route 50 Task Force to improve safety and traffic flow while preserving the rural nature of the area.”

2012: PEC invites local residents and other stakeholders to participate in a two day Gilberts Corner planning and design workshop at Oatlands. Broad community support for a regional park at Gilberts Corner and retaining a mix of uses that emphasize natural resource conservation, historic preservation, and agricultural production. Strong desire to restore existing vernacular building at Route 50/15 and land conservation beyond northeast quadrant of GIlberts Corner.

2013 Roundabout Partners acquire the 141 acre farm along the south side of Route 50 that connects the Mt Zion Old Baptist Church to Gilberts Corner.

2013: Roundabout Partners acquire the 141 acre farm along the south side of Route 50 that connects the Mt Zion Old Baptist Church to Gilberts Corner.

2013 NVRPA expands the Gilberts Corner Regional Park by purchasing from PEC 68 acres that is adjacent to the NVRPA park.

2013 Roundabout Partners donates 141 acre farm to PEC for conservation purposes.


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