Managing Your Land

Managing Your Land

Information for landowners interested in improving wildlife habitat and water quality.

What Motivates You?

The choices you make with your land depend on what you're hoping to accomplish. Take a look through these sections for more information on what you might do... depending on what motivates you!

For Plants & Pollinators

For Wildlife & Fish Habitat

For Water Quality

To Remove Invasive Species

Find Sources of Conservation Funding

Whether your land includes streams, forests, or is used for agricultural purposes, there is likely a program that could aid your efforts to protect the ecological and open space values of your property. Search our database for potential funding sources that provide cost-sharing and low-cost loan assistance for on-the-ground conservation measures, or benefit landowners through reduced taxes and tax credits.


Search for Sources of Funding

Working with Conservation

Workshop: Sources of Funding for Land Management and Land Conservation

Mar 07, 2014
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There are a wide variety land management and land conservation programs available to farmer and forest landowners in Virginia. It can often be overwhelming trying to learn which programs and funding source might work best for you and your particular property. In order to help landowners sort through these programs, a variety of state agencies and private organizations are partnering to offer two free 2-hour presentations in the Virginia Piedmont.

An Award-Winning CREP Project

Dec 13, 2011
John Janney describes how he has utilized the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program to manage his Loudoun County farm, Telegraph Springs.

Empowering an Organic Dairy

Dec 13, 2011
Terry Ingram operates Threlkeld Farm and has participated in both state and federal cost-share programs to enhance his farm and dairy program. Operating an organic dairy requires understanding and serious cooperation with nature. A farmer must plan to manage the land in a way that essentially allows it to care for itself. By implementing Best Mangement Practices, Terry has taken a double step forward in managing his dairy and enhancing his farmland.

An Individual Decision

Dec 13, 2011
Dale Welch is an organic beef farmer in Rappahannock County. Once considering himself an opponent to all things "environmental", he decided to participate in a Best Management Practice cost-share out of wholly economic motivations.

Sharing the Experience

Dec 13, 2011
For over thirty years, Jimmy Henshaw has been implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on his 500-acre cattle farm in Greene County. He started participating in cost-share programs after growing up watching his dad take conservation measures of his own, to keep his land healthy and productive.

Dairy with a Plan

Dec 13, 2011
Ken Smith uses a Nutrient Management Plan and other Best Management Practices to keep his dairy and fields clean and efficient.

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Important information about conservation easements -- including a sample PEC Easement and guidelines on how to proceed with donating a easement.

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