Program Description:

The Continuing Conservation Initiative for Stream Exclusion offers an incentive payment to maintain fences that exclude livestock, maintain land use change, and improve management techniques to more effectively control soil erosion, sedimentation and nutrient loss from surface runoff to improve water quality by protection fencing along all water bodies and streams in a field.

The practice shall be maintained for a minimum of 5 years following the calendar year of authorization.

Stream Exclusion Fencing

Stream exclusion fencing.
Photo by Piedmont Environmental Council

Landowner Eligibility:

All individuals and business entities operating agricultural land within the boundaries of the Commonwealth of Virginia are eligible to participate in the Virginia Agricultural BMP Cost-Share Program. Applicants shall self certify that they meet the above criteria. SWCDs may request that applicants provide proof of agricultural production. To be considered an agricultural producer there must be an annual minimum of $1,000 of agricultural products being produced, sold or both from the applicant's agricultural land (non-industrial private forest lands are exempt from the $1,000 requirement).

Additional Information:

This is a 5-year contract program that is eligible for re-enrollment.

The practice will maintain existing stream exclusion to prevent direct deposition of livestock waste and protect stream banks from damage by domestic livestock. While no minimum fencing standards are required a fence shall exclude livestock from the stream at all times during the life span of this practice. The maintenance and use of existing stable livestock crossings and controlled hardened accesses is allowed. Incentive payments will be based solely upon the linear feet of the excluded stream bank. The payment for the stream bank excluded will not include any area where livestock have access. Flash grazing (allowing livestock to graze the excluded riparian area) is not allowed as a management alternative during the lifespan of this practice. The participant is responsible for inspecting and maintaining all fencing. In the event the fencing is damaged or destroyed it is the responsibility of the participant to repair or replace the fencing with no additional CCI funding. This practice is eligible for re-enrollment.


The state cost-share rate is a single payment of $1.00 per linear foot of stream bank protected, paid upfront.

Legacy Program Information

This BMP is a continuation or extension of an existing practice established by the applicant. The applicant was eligible to receive a tax credit for 25% of the first $70,000 of the expense of the existing, previously installed BMP for the taxable year in which the practice was completed.

Sign-up Information

Sign-up happens on a continuous basis. Contact the program administrator for more information.

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