Wavyleaf Basketgrass in Virginia
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Wavyleaf Basketgrass in Virginia

Wavyleaf basketgrass is a new exotic grass rapidly moving into forests and meadows in Virginia and Maryland. PEC is part of a Task Force committed to stopping this plant before it forms a thick carpet on our forest floors, crowding out native plants. Read the Fact Sheet from Virginia DCR >>





  • What is Wavyleaf Basketgrass?

    Wavyleaf basketgrass is a growing threat to our forests, but one that can be stopped. Originally identified in Howard County, MD in 1996, by 2004 it had colonized the Potomac River and moved south along the Blue Ridge into the Shenandoah National Park.

  • Contact the Task Force

    The Wavyleaf Basketgrass Task Force is committed to eradicating this new invasive in Virginia before it becomes established. Members include environmental groups, citizen activist organizations, and representatives from state and federal agencies.

  • News and Resources

    Events, photos, and in-depth studies and accounts of eradication efforts in our area.

  • Controlling Wavyleaf Basketgrass

    Small patches of wavyleaf grass can be controlled by hand pulling before seed-set. It can also be controlled with glyphosate or clethodim herbicides. 

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