Intro to Conservation Easements
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Intro to Conservation Easements

An easement is a voluntary land preservation agreement between a landowner and a land conservation organization, designed to protect the agricultural resources, forest resources, scenic open space, or wildlife habitat that may exist on a property. 

A conservation easement is a land preservation agreement between a landowner and a governmental or non-profit conservation organization that places permanent limits on the future development of a property in order to protect the conservation values of the land. The easement may also specifically protect natural, scenic or historic features of the property.

Protection of clean air, water, productive farms and forests, historic resources, wildlife habitat and more.

Your land matters to you and future generations.

There are several steps necessary to crafting an easement that best suits a property.

Choosing the right organization is essential for you and your property.

Learn more about the tax benefits associated with donating a conservation easement.

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Free Easement Packet

Important information about conservation easements -- including a sample PEC Easement and guidelines on how to proceed with donating a easement.

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