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On September 22, 1863, the largest Civil War battle in Madison County took place. Known today as “The Battle of Jack’s Shop,” it was one of the largest cavalry engagements of the entire war. Madison County historian Harold Woodward, Jr. often quips that “it was the biggest cavalry battle you’ve never heard of.”

A number of local organizations hope that’s about to change. The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), PEC’s Madison Conservation Fund, the Madison County Historical Society, and the Madison Chamber of Commerce and Tourism have joined forces to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle. In order to recognize the impact it had on Madison County, as well as the role it played in the overall war, organizers are planning a number of activities to mark the occasion.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 at Madison County High School
8:45am-5:00pm -- Free Admission to all events


The commemoration will include the following:

  • In partnership with the Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission- Virginia Tourism Corporation, visitors will have a chance to explore “The Civil War 150 HistoryMobile,” an interactive museum on wheels that is on a four-year tour throughout the region. The HistoryMobile draws together stories from all over Virginia, and it uses state-of-the-art technology and immersive exhibit spaces to present individual stories of the Civil War from the perspectives of those who experienced it -- young and old, enslaved and free, soldiers and civilians. On Friday, September 20, “The Civil War 150 HistoryMobile” will be open exclusively to students from Madison County Schools. On Saturday it will be open to the general public as part of the larger event commemorating the Battle of Jack’s Shop. There is no admission fee. More information on the Civil War 150 HistoryMobile and the initiatives of the Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission can be found at and
  • Franklin Tour Bus, Inc will take folks on a narrated tour of Jack's Shop along the Blue Ridge Turnpike (limited seating). Times are 8:45am, 11:15am, 1:45pm, and 4:15pm
  • Local Historian Harold Woodward, Jr. will lead group tours of the battle site, not far from the school near present-day Rochelle, Virginia. Tours will be offered periodically throughout the day.
  • Civil War Living History Reenactors from the 7th Va. Co. “A”, Confederate Infantry are expected to be on hand to demonstrate the life of a soldier during the war. Others expected to be on hand are cavalry reenactors along with an artillery command.
  • Cavalry and Artillery Demonstrations from the 7th, 10th, and 12th Virginia Cavalry at Hoover Ridge Park (1110 Fairgrounds Rd.) Cavalry camp opens at 9:00am at Camp Crockett. Demonstrations of cavalry formations, drills, and skirmishes (within the Amphitheater field) at 10:30am and 1:30pm.
  • A number of Civil War era craftsmen, artisans, and vendors are expected to be there to share their work and speak with visitors regarding their trades.

Students from Madison County High School are participating in the commemoration in a number of ways. Some are working on projects that will be part of the visitor experience during the public event; others will contribute to the overall planning and administration.

Student projects include:

  • Creating a historical account of the battle which will be included on this website.
  • Performance of a vignette from Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” - a play that Confederate troops performed at a gathering the evening before the battle.
  • Designing promotional materials for the event to be distributed by local tourism offices.
  • Volunteering on the day of the event to ensure it operates smoothly.
  • High School juniors will compete in an essay writing contest, describing Madison County during the Civil War. The winner will be presented with a cash scholarship award donated by Virginia National Bank. The commemoration will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for families, history buffs, and tourists to learn more about this important part of Madison County’s history.
  • Congratulations to Samantha Camilletti for her winning entry to the Civil War essay contest!


The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) is a non-profit and fully accredited land trust founded in 1972. PEC works with the citizens in a nine-county region to conserve land, create high-quality communities, strengthen rural economies, celebrate historic resources, protect air and water quality, build smart transportation networks, promote sustainable energy choices, restore wildlife habitat, and improve people’s access to nature.

Madison Conservation Fund provides financial supports for conservation efforts in Madison County that include keeping working farms and forests intact, restoring habitat for native fish and other wildlife, and preserving historic sites.

Other Partners or Event Sponsors Include:

  • Blue Ridge Foothills Conservancy, Inc.
  • Women of The American Civil War
  • Virginia National Bank
  • Madison Chamber of Commerce and Tourism
  • Madison County Public Schools
  • Madison County Historical Society
  • Madison Parks & Recreation Authority
  • Kemper-Fry-Strother Camp #19 Sons of Confederate Veterans Madison, Virginia
  • Living History Camp of 7th Virginia Company "A" Confederate Infatry
  • Pallas Athena Ladies Aid Society

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