Mitchell Pittman

Community Farm Soil Specialist
(540) 347-2334 x7056

Since graduating from Virginia Tech, Mitchell has spent the last five years learning different aspects of organic agriculture from people and places all over the world. His introduction to agriculture came in the Blue Ridge mountains, working on a biodynamic farm at market garden size selling to farmers markets and natural food stores/restaurants. 

Following this, he spent time in Europe traveling as a lead gardener for different communities while furthering his education and completing permaculture design courses in both Spain & Portugal. Coming back to the states, he built his own garden design company focused on creatively regenerating land, building soil, and helping families connect deeper to their food/energy.

Mitchell is now the Community Farm Soil Specialist with the team at PEC’s Community Farm at Roundabout Meadows. His passion lies in incorporating more perennial and agroforestry systems within our current agricultural systems.