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Covid-19 Announcement

PEC is monitoring guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Virginia Department of Health. PEC's physical offices are currently closed. However, our staff are working remotely and can be contacted by phone or email. View our staff contact page>> 

It's now time to submit your photos for PEC's 11th Annual Photo Contest! What makes this contest special is seeing all of the beautiful and interesting photos come from Virginia's Piedmont - the place many of us call home. Read below for more contest details and past winners. 

2019 Winner of the 'Beautiful Landscapes & Streetscapes' category.
Photo by Cass Girvin

Each of the finalists will receive a free PEC membership and have his/her work featured in upcoming PEC publications. The winners of the "Beautiful Landscapes and Streetscapes," "Native Plants and Wildlife" and "Wonderful Waters" categories will receive a $75 gift certificate to a nearby Buy Fresh Buy Local restaurant! The winner of the "Youth" category will receive a $75 itunes gift card.

2020 Terms and Conditions

The Piedmont Environmental Council's 2020 photo contest is open to all photographers except employees of The Piedmont Environmental Council and their immediate family.

Photo Guidelines


PEC connects people to the landscapes, communities, and heritage of Virginia's Piedmont. As part of that mission, PEC is looking for images that enable people to experience this wonderful place in new and exciting ways. Photos must be taken within PEC’s nine-county region -- Albemarle, Clarke, Culpeper, Fauquier, Greene, Loudoun, Madison, Orange, and Rappahannock.


  • Beautiful Landscapes and Streetscapes
  • Native Plants and Wildlife
  • Wonderful Waters (rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, creeks, you name it!)
    • This new category is in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Virginia Scenic Rivers Act!
  • Youth Category (for ages 17 and under)
    • All minors MUST have parent or guardian fill out the Youth Agreement form to be eligible for the PEC photo contest. See “How to Enter” below for instructions.


Number of Allowed Submissions

  • Adults: you may enter up to 6 photos in each category (max of 18 photos)
  • Youth 17 years of age and younger: you may enter 6 photos in the Youth Category (max of 6 photos)


Image Size

The preferred size of photographs is 1 MB or larger at 72 DPI or more. You may submit smaller sized images, but images with a low resolution are less likely to be considered as finalists.


Caption All Photographs

Photo captions must accompany all submissions and should include a description of:

  • The subject in the image
  • The location of where the image was taken
  • The name of the photographer


No Watermarked Images PLEASE

  • Credit will always be provided



  • Images must be the original art of the entrant, and the original artwork may be displayed in public and entered into the PEC Photo Contest.
  • All images must be obtained legally. The photographer is responsible for obtaining the permission of any individuals depicted in images.

Violators will be eliminated from the competition.



2016 Winner of the 'Youth Category.'
Photo by Jack Hardie

How to Enter

  • 1 To submit your photos via Flickr™, use your Yahoo!® ID to login to www.flickr.com. If you do not have an account, you can sign-up for free. It's easy!
  • 2 After logging in, join the Piedmont Environmental Council group on Flickr™ by visiting our group page and clicking on "Join this Group".
  • 3 After joining our group, you can begin to upload your photos. To do so, click on the "Upload" icon (looks like a cloud with an arrow pointing up) on the menu at the very top, right of the page. Next, click on the large blue box that says "Choose Photos and Videos," and select the photos from the files that you wish to upload to Flickr. When your photos appear as thumbnails, you can click each photo (highlighting it in pink) and assign the appropriate TAGS and send the images to the Piedmont Environmental Council GROUP (see next step for tagging and groups assignment instructions).
  • 4 Click “ADD TAGS” in the left sidebar, then type the title of the category you wish to submit your photo to (be sure to use the quotation marks, or the tag will not work properly):

    Category Topics (remember to use quote marks when tagging):
    • "Landscapes PEC 2020"
    • "Plants and Wildlife PEC 2020"
    • "Wonderful Waters PEC 2020"
    • "Youth PEC 2020"
  • 5 To add a description, click "ADD A DESCRIPTION" (in the left sidebar still) and provide:
    1. The subject of the photo
    2. The photo location
    3. The photographer's name
  • 6 Then, click “ADD TO GROUPS” and select the “Piedmont Environmental Council” group, then click done.
  • 7 Once your photos have been tagged and selected to go into PEC's Flickr group, you must click the blue "Upload photo" button at the top right corner of the page.
  • 8 Participants 17 years of age or younger and her/his parent or guardian MUST complete the Youth Agreement form for their submissions to be considered for judging.


Eligibility and Judging

Adults (18 years or older) are eligible to submit 6 images each to the three categories (Beautiful Landscapes & Streetscapes, Native Plants & Wildlife, and Wonderful Waters). Participants 17 years of age and younger may enter 6 photos in the Youth category. Participants 17 years of age and younger must have a parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter the PEC Photo. Parents or guardians will need to fill out the Youth Agreement form for participating minors.

Contest: PEC staff, with the help of guest judges, will select finalists in each category. Photos will be judged based on content, contrast, composition, and originality. The ultimate winners and runners-up in each category will be determined by a public online vote. Pictures with a low resolution are less likely to be considered as finalists.



The Deadline for submitting photos will be September 30, 2020. Finalists will be determined in October and a public voting period will commence soon thereafter. PEC reserves the right to adjust the deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control.

Here are the 2019201820172016, and 2015 PEC Photo Contest winners and finalists.


Your Rights

You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit – including ownership if applicable. By submitting images to the Beautiful Landscapes & Streetscapes, Native Plants & Wildlife, and Wonderful Waters categories in the PEC Photo Contest, you attest that you are 18 years of age or older. By submitting images to the Youth category, you attest that you are 17 years of age or younger.

You also grant PEC a nonexclusive right, in perpetuity, to:

      • Publish the images for PEC’s purposes in any format, including on PEC’s website and in PEC’s publications or presentations, such as newsletters, emails, brochures, grant proposals, displays, and mailings.
      • Use, in connection with the Photo Contest, your name, city/county, and state in promotions and other publications.

As conditions of this permission, PEC shall credit all photographs when the full name is available, or by the participant's Flickr username when the participant’s full name is unavailable.



Questions and inquiries about the contest can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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