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Planning your garden for 2017? The Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, located in Louisa, is once again donating 30% of the sales of certain seed packages to support PEC's Buy Fresh Buy Local program. And this year they have added a pollinator mix!

Start your garden off with three seed samplers that are rich in Virginia flavor and history -- the Virginia Heritage Seed Collection, the Rainbow Starters Mix, or the Welcoming Pollinators to the Garden Collection.

The Rainbow Starters Mix


Includes one packet each of the following:

  • Jewel Mix nasturtiums
  • Autumn Beauty sunflowers
  • Royalty Purple Pod bush beans
  • Lacinato Rainbow kale
  • Easter Egg radishes
  • Rainbow chard
  • Cosmic Purple carrots
  • Lemon cucumbers
  • Tromboncino summer squash
  • Wild Garden lettuce mix

Price: $20

Order your Rainbow Starters Mix online or call (540) 894-9480

The Virginia Heritage Seed Collection


Includes one packet each of the following:

  • Contender Bush Bean
  • Violet's Multicolored Butterbean
  • Whippoorwill Southern Pea
  • Georgia Green Collards
  • Lemon Cucumber
  • Deer Tongue Lettuce
  • Choppee Okra
  • Long Standing Bloomsdale Spinach
  • Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
  • Old Virginia Tomato
  • Sugar Cherry Tomato
  • Yellow Moon and Stars Watermelon

Price: $25

Order your Heritage Seed Collection online or call (540) 894-9480

NEW! The Welcoming Pollinators to the Garden Collection


Bees and other pollinators need pollen, nectar and shelter all season, from early spring through late fall. Support your pollinators with this special collection of 12 old-fashioned single-blossomed heirloom, open-pollinated flowers and herbs. The white, purple, yellow, and orange colors preferred by pollinators provide beautiful blooms for the gardener as well as food and shelter for honeybees and a variety of native pollinators.

Includes one seed packet of each of the following:

  • Calendula,
  • Echinacea,
  • Cosmos,
  • Sweet alyssum,
  • Evening primrose,
  • Cleome,
  • Sunflowers,
  • Rudbeckia,
  • Beebalm,
  • Zinnia,
  • as well as our Gardeners Quick Guide to Welcoming Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects.

Price: $25

Order your Pollinator Collection online or call (540) 894-9480!



Need a gift for someone with a green thumb? Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is once again donating 30% of the sales of...

Posted by Piedmont Environmental Council on Monday, December 14, 2015

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