Celebrating Mountain Heritage

The Blue Ridge Heritage Project
unveiled its first memorial site
in 2015 in Madison County.
Photos by Kristie Kendall.

Incorporated in 2013, the Blue Ridge Heritage Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to continue the work of honoring and preserving the culture and traditions of the mountain people. For over three years, the group and its Board of Directors have helped the eight counties where land was acquired to create the Park to plan memorial sites to those displaced in each county and exhibits and demonstrations to tell and show visitors the cultures and traditions of the Blue Ridge.

The Blue Ridge Heritage Project's Board of Directors includes PEC’s Historic Preservation Manager, Kristie Kendall, and PEC Board Member, Roy Dye. 


Historic Tract Maps

At our Mountain Heritage events we have had historic tract maps of Shenandoah National Park on display. These maps, which are 24"x36", show historic ownership in the Blue Ridge Mountains prior to acquisition of the land for the creation of Shenandoah National. Each tract of land is identified by the former landowner's name and current road and trails overlaid on the map, enable family members to figure out where their relatives once lived.

Due to interest, we are making our mountain heritage maps available for purchase by PEC members.

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