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Fall 2014 Piedmont View

The 2014 fall editon of the Piedmont View includes a feature article about Farmer-Chef Express, PEC's new, online tool to connect buyers and sellers of local food. You can also read about the progress for Route 29 improvements, an update for the Outer Beltway, and how the Spectra gas pipeline was suspended. Also, check out the Warrenton Trails Map we showcased in this issue! You can read individual articles online or view a PDF for the entire issue, if you prefer.   

Photo by Natalie Sheffield, 2014 PEC Fellow

One of the important characteristics of PEC is that we are relevant. Our mission, our programs, our actions, and our words are taken seriously, both within our communities and by theoutside world. And even though PEC gets the most attention for our stances in oppositionto questionable or poorly conceived projects such as the Dominion Transmission Line projector the Charlottesville Western Bypass, the reality is that the bulk of our work is proactive and positive in nature, and it matters

Local chef Justin Garrison

The Piedmont Environmental Council is always looking for ways to strengthen our local food economy. After a lot of brain­storming, developing and website testing, Farmer-Chef Express was launched this past August!

The opening of the Silver Line this past July was an important step toward a better future for the Washington metropolitan region and the Commonwealth of Virginia. For decades, Tysons has been an example of 20th century development, urban and suburban areas that don’t quite work—too many cars, no sidewalks and not enough green space.

Wildflower planting at Ovoka

The meadow at the Piedmont Memorial Overlook is in full bloom!

In our last newsletter, we shared great news regarding the demise of the ill-conceived Western Bypass. As you might recall, a major blow to the project had been delivered back in February, when the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced serious reservations about the viability of the project. It made it clear that the necessary federal approvals were indoubt unless VDOT reevaluated the entire project, including a new review of alternatives.

The Bi-County Parkway project, a key component of the Outer Belt­way scheme, is on hold... for now.

This summer we kicked off Food for Thought: A local food and farm speaker series, which showcased farms and food businesses close to downtown Culpeper. The events address topics suchas the challenges of farming, the innovations made by a new generation of farmers and the important role of consumers in sustaining local food-based businesses.

See a map with Warrenton's trails, and find out where to view additional trail maps in Fauquier County.

The PEC Fellowship program, which just finished its 8th year, is filled with informative lectures, educational field trips, classroom discussions, and hands-on activities for collegeand gradu­ate students, and the new participants were welcomed by the program’s first ever tagline: “The Piedmont Environmental Council Fellowship: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in Environ­mental Conservation.” The author of the phrase is PEC’s creative Outreach Coordina­tor, Mary Liles.

We’ve found that social media tools like Facebook are increasingly important for getting out our message.

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