Land Conservation Policy

Land Conservation Policy

There are an array of public policy decisions at the local, state and federal level that impact land conservation in the Piedmont. We'll let you know when and where to speak up or take action. You can also check here for information about the economic benefits of land conservation, as well as the various tax criteria and incentives available to protect land.
  • Virginia General Assembly Legislation

    The Virginia General Assembly will meet in January.

    Check back to find out more about legislation relating to Land Conservation!

    See what happened during the 2013 Session

  • PEC Releases Report on the The Economic Benefits of Natural Goods and Services

    Virginia receives a myriad of economic benefits from its natural resources in the form of market products, non-market services, and added value.

    Using a value transfer approach, this study leverages the results of pre-existing studies to quantify the estimated annual contribution of nine such natural services – water quality, water supply, pollination, recreation, forest products, farm products, disturbance prevention, habitat, and carbon sequestration – to be approximately $21.8 billion.

    Read the Report

There is a case pending before the Virginia Supreme Court that could impact the future of conservation easement enforcement and interpretation. On September 16th, 2015, a panel of Virginia Supreme Court Justices heard oral arguments in Wetlands America Trust v. White Cloud Nine, LP. A decision from the Court is expected in November or January.

This year, the General Assembly passed an important and exciting bill related to land conservation in Virginia -- a bill that would help fund programs that protect working farms, drinking water supply areas, battlefields and lands for public recreation. But time is running out for Governor McDonnell to sign the bill into law. Find out more in PEC's March 21, 2013 Email Alert.

Conservation Questions?

Our Land Conservation Staff work throughout the Piedmont.

Find the PEC staff person nearest you.

For general questions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Free Easement Packet

Important information about conservation easements -- including a sample PEC Easement and guidelines on how to proceed with donating a easement.

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