Program Description:

This practice involves applying nitrogen in late winter in two increments based on the progression of growth of the small grain crop. Applying nitrogen in this fashion minimizes the amount of nitrogen lost through leaching and run off.

Producers must be fully implementing a current nutrient management plan prepared and signed by a certified nutrient management planner that specifies split applications of nitrogen as appropriate. The total number of small grain acres specified by the nutrient management plan to receive split nitrogen applications will determine the maximum acres to qualify, with payment being made only to those acres which actually received split nitrogen applications.

Eligibility for this practice is limited to the length of the plan recommending the split nitrogen application. This cost-share practice is for the split application of late winter nitrogen applications to small grain in which each application must contain nitrogen as a component of the material applied.

Landowner Eligibility:

All individuals and business entities operating agricultural land within the boundaries of the Commonwealth of Virginia are eligible to participate. The Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) may request that applicants provide proof of agricultural production. To be considered an agricultural producer there must be an annual minimum of $1,000 of agricultural products being produced, sold or both from the applicant's agricultural land (non-industrial private forest lands are exempt from the $1,000 requirement).

Land Eligibility:

The land must be cropland. Eligibility is limited to the length of the plan recommending the split nitrogen application.

Contract Length:


Payment/Cost-Share Information:

The current tax credit rate, which is subject to change in accordance with the Code of Virginia, is 25% of the total eligible cost not to exceed $17,500.

For participants who certify in writing that they will not utilize the tax credit set forth above with regard to the implementation of this practice, and who are not receiving payment for a late winter split application of nitrogen on small grains from any other source on the same acreage, a state cost share payment rate of 75% of the application charge up to a maximum amount of $4.50 per acre for the second application in the late winter. If only one late winter application is made, no reimbursement is to be provided. Costs for soil nitrate test sample collection and analysis by a commercial laboratory that may be used to implement this practice will be reimbursed at a flat rate of $8.00 per sample. Cost-Share payments shall not be made until a current nutrient management plan is on file with the SWCD.

Legacy Program Information:

Participants may re-apply for this program.

Signup Information

You must sign-up prior to February 1st and provide written verification (such as a work order or bill) to the Soil and Water Conservation District within two weeks of the second application.

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