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Protecting Land You Love Forever

An easement will protect the land you love forever, preserving family farms, wildlife habitat, streams, open space, woodlands, and scenic vistas. Landowners who willingly donate conservation easements are making a difference in their communities. Along with protecting views we all enjoy, and important natural resources such as our region's drinking water supply, these landowners are ensuring that their properties will remain open space. This means that local taxpayers will never have to pay for the expensive public services a new residential development would have demanded - services such as schools, roads, police, fire, and rescue. In addition, an easement donation can motivate a landowner's neighbors to do the same, ultimately leading to the protection of larger landscapes in the local community and county.

While many people donate easements because of their love of the land and their desire to see it protected in perpetuity, there are also significant tax advantages associated with a donation. For many easement donors, this translates into substantial savings on their federal, state and local tax bills. For example, Virginia has enacted a state tax credit for the donation of easements. Since 2007 the credit is worth 40% of the value of the easement. And, the federal estate tax benefits provided by the American Farm and Ranch Protection Act may now make it possible for many families to pass their properties on to their children, with significant savings on inheritance taxes.

How Do I Donate a Conservation Easement?