Working Farms and Food

Farmland and forests produce the necessities of life and provide essential natural services. In PEC's nine county area, over 180,000 acres of farmland and 140,000 acres of forests are protected through private, voluntary land conservation.
  • Farmer-Chef Express Launched! Farmer Chef Express is an online, interactive tool to connect buyers and sellers of local food. Listings outline specific product needs or product availability so that buyers and sellers can connect with each other and establish productive business relationships. All you have to do is sign up in order to create a post or search for products.
  • Order Seeds For Your Garden Planning your garden? The Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, located in Louisa, is once again donating 30% of the sales of certain seed packages to support PEC's Buy Fresh Buy Local program.

Buy Fresh Buy Local

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PEC's Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign helps consumers find local products while building relationships between growers, food artisans, farmers’ markets retailers, restaurants, and institutions.

Use our Buy Fresh Buy Local website to find farms, grocers, caterers, restaurants, CSAs, and farmers markets.


Farming for the Future

Created by: Prince Charitable Trusts, Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University, and The Piedmont Environmental Council.

Farm and Restaurant Profiles

Lee's Orchard

May 01, 2014
Lee’s Orchard sits about 10 miles east of Shenandoah National Park in Rappahannock County, surrounded by beautiful vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The apple orchard is undoubtedly intertwined with the history of the community - it’s been in Bryant Lee’s family for 5 generations.

The Whole Ox

May 01, 2014
'Know your farmer' is a popular phrase these days, but Derek and Amanda Luhowiak, owners of The Whole Ox Butcher Shop in The Plains, think people should get to know their butcher as well. Amanda, a native of Fauquier County, explains..

Farmstead Ferments & New Moon Naturals

Apr 24, 2014
Sitting less than 100 yards from gardens and a variety of fruit trees on a farm in Charlottesville, I met with Dawn Story, founder of New Moon Naturals and Farmstead Ferments. Story tells me that she grew up in the Virginia Piedmont, and she was raised by a family who appreciated nature and a healthy diet.

Brookville Restaurant

Apr 24, 2014
Harrison Keevil and his wife, Jennifer, opened Brookville in the summer of 2010 with a goal to provide patrons with as many local ingredients as possible. Their menu proudly states, “The most locally sourced restaurant in Charlottesville, Va. All plates 90-99% sourced within 100 miles.”

Market Table Bistro

Apr 24, 2014
Opening a restaurant like Market Table Bistro was always a dream for Rebecca Dudley and Jason Lage, both of whom went to culinary school and later met while working at Lansdowne Resort. They each grew up in rural locations where farm to table wasn’t a trend as much as it was a way of life. Lage’s mother and grandmother cooked with primarily locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, and that’s a concept he has always wanted to bring to his own business.

Moutoux Orchard

Apr 24, 2014
It’s pick-up day at Moutoux Orchard and it looks nothing like the scene at your nearest grocery store. It is mid-March when I went to visit, there is snow on the ground and members of the Moutoux year round whole-diet CSA are picking up their fresh veggies, milk, eggs, meat and fresh flour for this week’s meals. A buzz of activity- as adults pick out their food and the kids weave in and out of the barn playing.

Planet Earth Diversified

May 03, 2012
You might think it unlikely that a farmer as grounded as Michael Clark of Planet Earth Diversified would get his inspiration from the spaceship Apollo 13. But if you take a tour of his farm, you'll see just how technology and careful engineering play into every aspect of its production.

Pannill’s Gate Farm

May 03, 2012
“Come ‘ere babies, who’s gonna come visit?” Patty Johnson calls out as we climb the fence into the field at Pannill’s Gate farm near Culpeper, Virginia. The cows regard her carefully, presumably weighing their chances of getting food or a scratch on the head. Every day, Patty is out in the fields, checking on her entirely grass-fed herd of Red Angus and Murray Grey cattle. For her, the practice of rotational grazing, or moving the cows to a new strip of pasture daily, “re-establishes that relationship- why I am here and why I do this.”

Fauquier Hospital

May 03, 2012
It’s safe to say that when most people consider their local restaurant options, the nearby hospital’s cafeteria doesn’t normally make the list. But that’s not the case at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton. The hospital’s cafeteria, called the Bistro on the Hill, not only serves patients and hospital employees -- but it is also frequented by locals who are simply looking for a good place to eat.

Quarter Branch Farm

May 03, 2012
There’s no question about it -- Kevin Grove of Quarter Branch Farm loves his job. Walking around the Lovettsville farm with Kevin, you can’t help but feel the tangible excitement and passion that he has for his work -- growing the best quality greens and vegetables he can for his local customers.

Fabbioli Cellars

May 03, 2012
For Doug Fabbioli of Fabbioli Cellars in Leesburg, growing his winery and his vines in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable is a center point of his business philosophy. “Honestly,” he says, “environmental and economic sustainability really go hand in hand.”
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Open Gate Farm

May 03, 2012
When groups of children arrive at Open Gate Farm, Tom Ward, the farmer, asks how many of them want to be farmers.Only a few do. But after the tour...

From The Piedmont View

The following articles appeared in PEC's Membership Newsletter -- The Piedmont View

A Tale of Two Alums

Dec 12, 2014
Pablo Teodoro stands outside of his store, Great Harvest Bread Co., in Old Town Warrenton.
Since 2009, PEC has offered the Exploring the Small Farm Dream course to aspiring farmers—helping them take a long hard look at their dreams and to answer the question, “Is starting a farm business a good fit for me?” As the title of the course suggests, every partici­pant comes to the course with their own unique dream—an idea that they want to explore. It is these dreams that form the starting point of the course, which evaluates student’s goals, skills, interests, physical and financial resources, and the merits of their ideas in order to settle on a course of action.

Farmer-Chef Express

Sep 15, 2014
Local chef Justin Garrison
The Piedmont Environmental Council is always looking for ways to strengthen our local food economy. After a lot of brain­storming, developing and website testing, Farmer-Chef Express was launched this past August!

Food for Thought

Sep 15, 2014
This summer we kicked off Food for Thought: A local food and farm speaker series, which showcased farms and food businesses close to downtown Culpeper. The events address topics suchas the challenges of farming, the innovations made by a new generation of farmers and the important role of consumers in sustaining local food-based businesses.

Renovating Worn-Out Pastures

Dec 11, 2013
Like many Piedmont farms, Over Jordan Farm in Rappahannock has been a pasture-based operation for decades. After 20 years of overgrazing, however, it’s facing issues that are common in the region—poor soil health, a lack of grass and plant diversity and the resulting lack of nutri­ents for livestock.

More Working Farms and Food

  • Nov 06, 2014

    Buy Fresh Buy Local Holiday Guides

    Our 2014 Buy Fresh Buy Local Holiday Guides are ready to download. The guide features businesses that produce locally grown Christmas trees & decorations and holiday foods (produce, meat, dairy, eggs and specialty foods) in the Charlottesville and Northern Piedmont Area! To search for more local food, visit Read More
  • Aug 01, 2014

    Farmer-Chef Express!

    Farmer-Chef Express is an online, interactive tool to connect buyers and sellers of local food. Farmer-Chef Express is built around 'posts'. Local food buyers can post what they are looking for and local food sellers can post what products they have available. Read More
  • Jun 03, 2014

    Food for Thought

    A local food and farm speaker series in downtown Culpeper Keep farming and local businesses thriving in the Piedmont! Join us for a summer community speaker series to hear from growers and producers who bring food to your table. Come meet your farming neighbors and develop your own gardening and foodie dreams. This free speaker series will be held in downtown Culpeper, select Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Read More
  • Jul 29, 2014

    Food for Thought: A Local Food Outing

    Join PEC and Slow Food D.C. as we delve into some of the unique challenges that local food producers face, hear about some of the innovations being used by a new generation of farmers, and the important role of consumers in promoting and sustaining agriculture and local businesses. Read More
  • May 03, 2014

    2014 Buy Fresh Buy Local Guides

    Our 2014 Buy Fresh Buy Local guides have been released! In total, the guides will be sent to 265,761 homes in Virginia's Piedmont. Among the listings are 309 local farms and orchards, 30 farmers markets, 77 wineries and distilleries, 73 restaurants and caterers, and 45 retailers. Read More
  • Oct 29, 2013

    Eat Local Bingo

    Take the Eat Local Challenge! A great resource for parents, teachers, and students -- download the Bingo Card PDF and go for any row. Use it to help celebrate Virginia Farm to School Week, November 11-15, 2013. Read More
  • Sep 24, 2013

    Expanding Beef Cattle Profitability in VA's Northern Piedmont

    Currently: • Most weaned and backgrounded calves leave the state for fattening in out-of-state feedlots. • A small percentage of calves are kept as stockers before shipping to out-of-state feedlots. • Most cow-calf operations take commodity price. Some buyers pay premiums. • Beef returns as “boxed beef” for retail to metro-consumers. Value/revenue is lost out-of-state. A small percentage (<10%) of the region’s farms and cattle are conception-to-carcass operations that direct market beef (mostly pasture raised or grass-fed) at a premium to consumers. They process beef (usually one or two at a time) at one of six custom facilities. These producers are seeking additional slaughter and processing capacity. Pastures in the region are currently underutilized with gains at about 1 lb/day. Efficiencies in cattle and pasture management, grazing, and transit, processing, even paperwork could increase returns to producers and the region. Processing and sales volumes could greatly increase. Additional acreage would be employed in grazing cattle retained in the region. Total returns to the regional economy would increase. Read More
  • Aug 20, 2013

    Discovering Local Food

    For Piedmont Family Magazine -- April 2013 -- In my role as the Buy Fresh Buy Local Coordinator for The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), local food is an everyday topic of conversation. From broader discussions on how to encourage larger institutions to purchase locally or how to make the food distribution system more efficient, to quick conversations with farmers about a new ethnic vegetable variety or gourmet garlic -- Buy Fresh Buy Local is all about strengthening our local food system so that it supports farmers and consumers alike. Read More
  • Aug 13, 2013

    Loudoun Farm Incubator

    The concept of incubators to launch new farm businesses has been developing in the sustainable agriculture community for years. Veteran agriculturalists understand that, much like a successful farm business, a successful farmer incubator requires very particular skills and experience. In the summer of 2012 leading Loudoun County farmers and The Piedmont Environmental Council began a series of planning sessions to design a sustainable model for a Loudoun Farm Incubator. The team applied a unique combination of farming and agricultural land management experience and expertise to the task of creating a viable business plan for a Loudoun Farm Incubator. The outcome of those sessions is summarized below. This summary is a working document, and still evolving. Please contact Mike Kane, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with comments. Read More
  • Jul 29, 2013

    Defining our Food Labels

    When talking about our food, we constantly hear terms like ‘organic’, ‘local’, ‘free-range’, and ‘grass-fed.’ These labels are meant to guide consumers’ food purchasing decisions by offering information on the farming methods used to grow or raise food, and the reassurance that food safety risks have been minimized. More often than not, however, I find it difficult to distinguish the plethora of different labels. Read More
  • Jan 29, 2013

    Buy Fresh Buy Local Work Session

    Our first-ever work session for Buy Fresh Buy Local Loudoun, Northern Piedmont, and Charlottesville Chapters was held on January 10, 2013. Nine working groups were formed to take coordinated action on a range of different topics. Read More
  • Mar 20, 2013

    Awards for Community & School Gardens

    Does your school have a garden? Do you know of a fun community garden? Help The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) recognize community and school gardens throughout the northern Piedmont by letting us know about great community or school gardens in your area. The purpose of this friendly competition is to recognize gardens that celebrate the relationship between nature, food and community, by awarding six currently active school and/or community gardens with cash awards. PEC will make up to three $300 awards and up to three $500 awards. Read More
  • Jan 14, 2014

    Order Seeds for Your Garden

    Planning your garden for 2015? The Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, located in Louisa, is once again donating 30% of the sales of certain seed packages to support PEC's Buy Fresh Buy Local program. Read More

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