Energy Matters

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Be a part of the energy solution --find out how you can participate in reducing demand. Learn about 10 easy, do-it-yourself projects that will make your home more energy efficient.

More Energy Smart Solutions

Consider Getting a Home Energy Audit
A home energy audit is a great way to assess how much energy your home uses and to help figure out what efficiency improvements make the most sense. View videos of a recent energy audit in Charlottesville.

Find out About Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
There are numerous programs available through federal and state governments, utility companies and other sources that can help cut down on costs.

It's Not Just for Homeowners
The efficiency improvements outlined above make sense for renters, landlords, offices, government and more.

Want to Do Even More?
Consider making more capital-intensive efficiency upgrades or installing home renewable options such as solar photovoltaics, micro-wind, or geothermal.

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