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PEC has sent out our Buy Fresh Buy Local guides for the new season, listing more local food businesses than ever! Since we sent out the first editions of the guides, starting in 2007, the number of listings has increased by 60% and we’ve had to double the size of the guides to fit them all.

Our 2012 guides include over 550 businesses—including 264 farms, 28 orchards, 35 farmers markets, 65 grocers or specialty shops, 57 participating wineries or breweries, 80 restaurants, and 23 CSAs (“community supported agriculture” or farm-shares). This year’s guides also feature farm and restaurant profiles, tips for shopping at farmers markets, seasonal recipes, local food bingo, and more. The guides help to expand the market for local food by increasing awareness of the benefits of eating local and making it easier for customers to connect with local producers.

PEC produces guides for the Charlottesville Area, the Northern Piedmont, and Loudoun County, and we send them to all households in our nine-county area—over 250,000 homes. You can also search the guides online at PEC’s Buy Fresh, Buy Local website.

Take the $10 Per Week Local Food Challenge

Want to eat well and invest in your community? Join with other Virginians, and pledge to spend at least $10 per week of your food budget on locally sourced ingredients—it adds up. If every household in Virginia spent just $10 of their food budget each week on locally sourced food, they would contribute over $1.6 billion to local economies each year! 

Meet the Farmers, Eat Like a King

Join PEC for a celebration of local food, wine, and beer at beautiful King Family Vineyards in Crozet. Three outstanding chefs will create menus featuring summer bounty from local farms, and the farmers will be on hand to chat about how they raised it. Relax in a spectacular setting with an outdoor fire and live music, and celebrate the abundance of our local landscape. Tickets are $100/person and benefit PEC”s Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign.


This article was featured in our Summer 2012 Member Newsletter, The Piedmont View


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