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Nature's Altered Seasons

Nature's Altered Seasons

02 May 2012 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Dallas L. Peck Memorial Auditorium 12201 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191, USA01

US Geological Society Event-- by Dr. Jake Weltzin.

Early cherry blossoms and flower blooms and record high temperatures nationwide highlight a phenomenon everyone already seems to know, but science has confirmed -- spring is coming earlier in the year almost everywhere. The USA National Phenology Network, a program sponsored by USGS, is a national effort to help track the timing of plant and animal activity as an indicator of environmental variation and climate change.

This unique project engages both professional and “citizen” scientists to document life cycles of nature. This presentation will describe results of some of the research to date and describe how people can participate as a “citizen scientist,” tracking plants and animals in their own backyard!

Free and Open to the Public. Federal Facility -- Photo Id is Required 

Follow this event live @USGSLive  Requests for accommodations (i.e. sign language interpreting) require notice at least two weeks before the event. Email or call jcorley[at]  or call 703-648-7770.