Meet your trees! An Introduction to the trees of Northern Virginia

Thursday, March 9th, 2017, 6:30 PM
Location: Earth Village Education, Marshall, Virginia

Join tree expert and master naturalist Carrie Blair for a beginner-friendly five-class series that will take you from arboreal ""zero to hero."" Early spring is a wonderful time of year to study plants because it's “bud break” season, when trees begin to produce buds, flowers, and leaves. Lots of growth and development happen in a short period of time, and we'll be able to monitor those changes from week to week.

You'll learn about: Identification. How to identify dozens of trees, even in the dead of winter! With practice you can identify most trees at a glance. Tree families. How trees are related to each other, including similarities and differences in growth patterns, preferred environments, bark, buds, flowers, leaves, etc. Field guides. Field guides can be incredibly helpful in learning about the natural world; by the end of this course you'll be comfortable using several different field guides. Forest ecology. Forests are much more than trees; they are ecological systems comprised of numerous organisms. As you learn about trees, you'll gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the incredible complexity of forest environments.

Each session will involve a combination of time spent in the classroom and out in the field, so we recommend you come to each class prepared to go outside. Since it's early spring, we may encounter mud and cold temperatures—bring boots and warm layers!

Beginners welcome; no experience necessary. We will provide several field guides, and we have a few hand lenses/magnifying glasses/binoculars students can borrow. If you have your own, please bring them! New and used field guides will be for sale at each class.

From 6:30 pm-8:30 pm every Thursday, starting March 9 and ending April 6. $100 for all classes. To register:

Earth Village Education, Marshall, Virginia

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